Microsoft has positioned the Microsoft Graph and its 467M users of the LinkedIn Graph as the “most strategic data asset” which will enable IT departments to deliver AI to information workers. Box has also announced its own enterprise graph to enable intelligent content recommendations for business users. With the announcement of how graphs will enable enterprise AI, it is time to take a deeper look at its business benefits.

What is an enterprise graph?

Since most enterprise users connect to the cloud to perform their daily business tasks using services such as Office 365, Box or Salesforce, these business cloud vendors can, for the first time, build a dynamic map of relationships between people and cloud events. To understand who is working together, traditional software depends on data entry from users, like by building list of favorites or email distribution lists. But how often do you update your favorites on your phone or on your messaging app? Intelligent cloud software senses these events and continuously updates the evolving dependency graph between people and content.

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